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About Rosalyne

Rosalyne is a whimsical folk artist, who specializes in colour and design. She has a voracious appetite for creative expression. She has participated in juried art shows in Toronto and area. Her artwork has sold in the Art Gallery of Ontario's gift shop and some of Toronto's finer boutiques. 
Rosalyne has received media attention from CTV's Television Eye on Toronto and the Toronto Star Newspaper."Bowmile is a bundle of energy, and her style reflects this. Brilliantly coloured creatures and places leap from her imagination onto everything from terra cotta flower pots to rocking horses and canvases. A lot of people are painting (flower pots and furniture), but not a lot of people are doing it well, says April Solman, design buyer for the Art Gallery of Ontario gift shop. Rosalyne's collection is top quality. During the gallery's Trier Troy exhibit, Bowmile's wares were showcased along with crafts of a select few other artists." Brian Dexter/ Toronto Star.
Rosalyne sees the world as an open book, one in which is to be explored with limitless possibilities. Her curiosity led to the study of children's entertainment and creative writing.
She has recently returned to painting with a renewed excitement and exploration.

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